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© Dimitar Spasov, 2023

Photograph of Dimitar Spasov

Hello! My name is Dimitar Spasov (he/him) and I am a London-based Bulgarian artist and practitioner in the medium of digital design. My work as a digital designer is a fusion of creativity and technical expertise. My projects focus on crafting impactful and user-centric solutions that go beyond expectations. I am always excited by art in our day-to-day world and by connecting it with technology I strive to produce unique pieces.

A predominant theme established in my current practice is the concern with examining urban and suburban histories and cultures and their comprehension by both knowledgeable and inexperienced audiences. I have a particular interest in investigating identity and am excited about art on the street and the stories behind it – the story of the artist, the story of the artwork, and the story of the audience and viewer. 


My passion lies in exploring digital design in all of its various forms and creating experiences that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

In my latest work, completed at the Royal College of Art, I was driven to reconnect with and celebrate the sense of community in my home country of Bulgaria. I completed a site visit in the Northwest region of the country to work on creating an immersive experience showing details from some of the abandoned villages but also giving voice to the young who stayed and are focused on developing themselves and the region. The project aims to tell an uplifting and celebratory story of the region and its locals, positively redefining the Bulgarian status quo.

Going forward, I am excited about the prospect of utilizing my skills and creativity to contribute to innovative projects. Feel free to explore my portfolio, and you are always welcome to reach out—I would be happy to connect and discuss potential opportunities.

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