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A logo for Ravensburg Design Festival in Germany
Logo for University of Reading Hacking Society

Reading University Hacking Society

RUH is a student-led organisation based at the University of Reading with a mission to help students get more involved in the tech industry with a heavy focus on professional networking. Organising weekly tech talks and annual hackathons,they enable students to interact with industry professionals from both inside and outside the University. The logo captures these goals by combining a lion - one of the most famous symbols of the town of Reading with symbolic lines of ‘code’ corresponding to the society’s tech focus.

Logo for Cohera Digital Solutions

Cohera Digital Solutions

Created by ambitious young professionals, Cohera - derived from the word Coherence, focuses its practice on digital marketing and PR solutions and aims to be an integral part of the digitalisation process for businesses of any scale. Their goal is to be the piece of the process that forms a unified whole and gives a new digital start to any company, hence the puzzle piece. The logo is a modern interpretation referring to the digital in colours and design.

Invizible Graffiti and Street Art Magazine
Invizible is a magazine about graffiti and street art on a global level with a focus on the rebellious side of the culture. It aims to show a hidden side of the art which is dismissed by many and admired by few. Graffiti is a protest, a rebellion that aims to claim a city through (re)appropriation of common and public spaces. Streets are in the hands of all and they are the main support of protest as well as the biggest free art gallery. Tags and throws are a quick and effective weapon which is quite common in graffiti but not well represented in any media. These inspire the logotype created for this journal of graffiti and street art across the world.  

Across & Over Publication

Across & Over is a print and digital Publication of 154 pages for an art exhibition of the same name in collaboration between Art at HSBC and the Royal College of Art in celebration of 5 years of the Graduate Diploma Course at the University. The logo focuses on the idea of collaboration between the two institutions combining both signature colours - HSBC red and Royal College of Art blue in the form of a stylised ampersand to portray co-creation and conjunction - the main idea / stimulus behind the project. 

Save Strandzha NGO

The project Save Sinemorets (now Save Strandzha) began as a youth initiative of a few friends who saw that the village of Sinemorets, Bulgaria, a place where they grew up, was changing. They founded the association - Save Strandzha, for more effective action in protecting the nature of Sinemorets, the Black Sea Coast, and Strandzha Natural Park. The logo, inspired by views in and around the seaside village uses two main inspirations - the rock formation of Korabite - a long-recorded symbol of the village, and Veleka Beach - a unique sandy beach at the mouth of Veleka River. With a node to nature, it aims to get the initiative's point trough and draw in both avtivists and admirers of the place.

AbouDy - Rapper / MC
North London Rapper / MC - AbouDy (Ah-Boo-Dee) - has been on the scene for over five years perfecting his lyrical craft. Meaningful and conscious lyricism in hip-hop is needed now more than ever, and AbouDy says he is the one to make it happen. So when he approached me to create a comprehensive re-brand for his musical escapades I was happy to work with him. The logo, which he later said ‘absolutely smashed’ features a combination of details personal to AbouDy that work together to create a comprehensive narrative about the rapper as a person and a musician. It is also visibly inspired by Japanese 8-bit era video games, a personal favourite for AbouDy.  

UniGiveaways Competitions
UniGiveways is a Competition Company with a focus on university students across the UK and in the future, internationally. Founded by a group of friends in their student accommodation at the University of Reading, UniGiveaways is the first-of-its-kind competition company that solely focuses on university students. Their goal is to help underprivileged university students while hosting competitions allowing scholars from the UK to enter and win prises such as one month's student rent and others. Their vision helped me create the logo to be clean but insightful, reflecting the company’s ideas and beliefs.

Mens Bedroom Furniture
Mens Bedroom is a start-up company founded in Sydney, Australia which focuses on producing and selling furniture focused on men, mainly bachelors or men who would like to add some masculinity to the bedroom. Their main stock includes bed frames, headboards, bedside tables, tall boys, drawers, and small items. For the logo, the business wanted to present a masculine look that draws in their wanted customers. With the delivery, I tried to understand the perspective of the brand and give unique concepts. Although the logo might remind you of something you would see on a bottle of liquor, you would never expect it on a bedside table.

Ravensburg Design Festival

Ravensburg Design Festival is a refined concept inspired by the annual ‘Werkschau’ exhibition organised by the DHBW Ravensburg Mediendesign Course which takes place over a weekend in mid-September in the town of Ravensburg, Germany. The event is now very well known in the Ravensburg creative community and the Ravensburg Design Festival is a concept devised by students which aims to develop the show into a city-wide festival in celebration of design. The logo, inspired by numerous international design shows is simple, yet very unique, featuring Ravensburg's landmark - the gleaming white tower Mehlsack.

© Dimitar Spasov, 2023

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